zaterdag 26 maart 2011

Hello everybody

Through this blog I will try to get you all informed off my trip to Tornado Ally in America.
I am leaving on Friday, May 20 and be back on Monday, June 6.
What have I done so far to get here;
- Tour booked ​​on Cloud 9 Tours,
Do not forget to choose which of the three tours I wanted to do.
I chose for tour 2.
- Ticket booked for flights to and from America,
Nice that you want to go chasing, but you must first have to get there of course.
- The necessary equipment for the camera purchased
I had a lot, but still missing a few important things.
- ESTA applications
Actually a kind of temporary visa which you don't need to go to the embassy for, but whitch you need to travel to America. No ESTA , no access.

Now the countdown has finally begun.

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